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Oh wonderous air conditioning!

Chris just loaned me his air conditioner. It appears that his building management got torqued when it appeared in his apartment window, because "air conditioners make the building ugly." Like it wasn't an ugly blank wall over a parking lot.

However, his loss was my gain. He offered to loan it to me. Now, it's been around 100 here, lately. Which means that, after a few days of heating up the structure during the hot days, my place goes up to about 94 and stays over 90 for most the night, even with all the fans blowing. I ran the air conditioner all day, yesterday, and I got home to only 84 degrees inside! It was wonderful! I ran it half of last night, and the temperature was down to 75 by morning! And this is only from a tiny little window unit with very little capacity. (Which should be fairly cheap to run, as well.) But hey, my place is only a 2 bedroom bungalow, so it does pretty well.

And since I don't deal well with heat, I' m in heaven!

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