Jilara (jilara) wrote,

Why I hate Verio

Once upon a time, I had an account at the geek ISP, best.com. Well, they were sold to Verio, who sold the dial-up access to Earthlink. Me, because I really liked their UNIX interface, kept some webby stuff and an email account on Verio for a while, especially since long-lost friends would sometimes show up there, etc. Then it became a spam heaven. I was getting 400+ spams a week on that account.

So I wrote them a letter and cancelled it, because for some reason I could never log into their web site where I could send them notice. Well, today I found out that it's because it takes a separate password, which they apparently never send the folks transferred from best.com.

But I get ahead of myself. Today, I get this notice today about how my account is seriously in arrears and will be sent to collection if I don't pay them all the back payments. Say, huh??! So I call them, at the number on the dunning letter.

I tell them about sending the letter. Oh no, I needed to have sent them email, with my special password. They wouldn't cancel it without that. I pointed out that I did not have that, and that's why I sent them snail mail, to begin with. No, you needed to log onto your "backdoor account" site. I told them that I could never get it, no one gave me the password. We go around and around. Finally, I got them to agree to cancel the damned account, provided I a.) send them the balance due on the account I thought I had cancelled and b.) give them the number of the original credit card that was associated with the account. (Of course it's not one I'm currently carrying with me. I did figure out which one it was, though, by reviewing my old bills.)

So that's where it is currently, so I am steeling myself for another round of "dammit, cancel my account, which I thought I cancelled in June!!)

Talk about a completely frelled ISP...

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