Jilara (jilara) wrote,

The joys of working drains

Well, on Friday I determined it was time to call in the professionals, since my kitchen drain was only partially yielding to a hand snake. I had gotten through two clogs, and the third (about 10 feet in) stopped me cold.

There were two more beyond them, and the plumbing lady said I would not have gotten through them with a hand snake. She was, however, impressed that I'd lived in the house for well over 12 years and not had to have the pipes done before. It was expensive, but I'm hoping I'm good for another 12+ years. She also made sure the other drains were all working, and took the router all the way out to the main line.

But talk about signs of the times... I commented that female plumbers are fairly rare, and she said yes, she knew it. But she'd been in technical sales and marketing, and then the slump hit. As she was about to burn through the last of her savings, having been seriously unemployed for along time, she figured it was time for a new career. So now she does plumbing, because it's a field that's always in demand. Seems to be a lot of revision going on in the world.

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