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That Other Civil War (English)

I did a reenactment with my English Civil War group, this weekend, for a Scottish festival. For one of the first times, we had enough people so that we had two opposing sides that looked halfway good, with a dozen folks on either side. It just looked silly, back when we were a mere handful. This was looking very good. And we had interest from a couple new potential recruits! Little by little, the group grows. And I am jazzed, because I really prefer the time period of the English to the American Civil War. I'll go anywhere they have cannon, but I really prefer earlier time periods for reenacting, even being a Civil War buff.

We're going to have to work more on authenticity. It's too much of that old Renfaire/SCA mentality, that accepts a lot of things as just fine, even when they're not. Those of us who work to a higher standard are going to have to lead by example, as I notice there is a "why should it matter?" attitude with a lot of members. (Why is it always the women who are the most inclined to by like this.) I heard the old Faire line of "We'll say we got it off a Spaniard..." several times, and it set my teeth on edge. I made a muttered comment about Spaniards who must be timelords... Whoosh, right past... And to think I was worrying about inauthentic galvanized bolts in my handcart...

Dale's gazpatcho was great. Inauthentic as hell, but still very good. I told him I would bring a white gazpatcho, next time. Yeah, this one had tomatos. Sorry, I don't think so. It's pushing it for "Spaniards," and 1650 England is right out. But we did look good, sitting and feasting.

And Tempest was playing only about 100 yards away. And a couple other good (but unfamiliar) groups. A small but high-quality event.

Dale still hadn't gotten my dog-lock musket done, but I'm getting to a point of expecting that. I also found out that someone on this historic circuit is selling "shipwreck flints" Yes, barrels of antique flintlock flints were pulled out of a shipwreck, and now are being sold to reenactors (what else would you do with literally a ton or two of these things?). My kind of salvage! I want a few for the dog-lock. I need to go to the next Sutters Fort Trader's Faire, as that's where they were showing up.

All in all, this was one of the better events I've been to, of recent years. That says much.

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