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Sigh, the Political Circus rolls on...

There I was, with my friends Marilyn, Hobart, Dano, Rich, and Penny, with all of us staring at the TV in disbelief (well, Hobart was not disbelieving, but said "yep, that's about what I figured.") It was like being caught in some weird satire, or a movie (funny about that). We kept looking at the percentages as they rolled in, going "that can't be right, can it?" I guess we throught the voters had more common sense. Interesting times we live in, in the full Chinese sense.

But the figures weren't all that were causing us to gape at the telly. It was watching Bustamante commit on-screen political suicide. I never have seen anyone before give full public acknowledgement to the individuals and interest groups that landed him in hot water, with a kind of defiant bravado. That one even got disbelief from Hobart, who's in his 70's and claims to have seen it all. Well, he hadn't seen this one. It was pretty incredible. The more I see of Bustamante, the less I like him.

Then my candidate, Camejo, made his concession speech, and definitely had the content and moral high ground of the evening. I knew he didn't have a chance, but I voted with my concience and my party, anyway. But everything he said was a message to California, and he said that his was not a defeat, but a victory for the Green Party, because for the first time we got exposure and were taken seriously. YES! If nothing else, the Greens seemed to be regarded as viable. I don't think Camejo is the greatest, and I disagree with the Greens on some things, too, but they're certainly a better deal than the Repubocrats. But as he said, it's really too bad that everyone thinks in terms of voting against someone by going to the "opposing" party, rather than looking at all the alternatives. I think it's because America is a nation of black-and-white, where everything is either/or.

Buckle up; it's going to be an interesting ride.

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