Jilara (jilara) wrote,

I'd hoped for a respite...

Got email from my late best friend's mother, last night. She was retiring from her job, effective immediately, and goes in for cancer surgery on the 20th. As she put it "either the old one is back, or this is a new one." I have tremendous misgivings about this. I keep hoping she pulls through okay and gets some more good years. (Though I know her tendency for drama and martyrdom complexes makes "good" all relative.)

I keep telling myself to think of this as being like the 19th century, where everyone would have been dead by now, anyway, and it's only a fluke that I'm still here. I'm not sure if it helps. But again, I will say that all the folks I've lost in the past few months are at least at an age where one expects this, unlike earlier this year.

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