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Non-productive weekend, but good

I felt, after being sick so much, that I should have gotten more done for the weekend. Nope. Just the dishes, laundry, errands, and cleaning the inside of the microwave, which Really Needed It. So much for good intentions. The house will stay as a disaster area a while longer.

But I had a major social component, slept a lot, and read a bit. Most of Saturday was spent going up to visit my friend Charlie, who was camping up at Big Basin. Yes, *camping.* He drove up from Southern Calif. to camp in the rain. But it's a sentimental connection (his birthday, and anniversary of a party he had there, long ago). And I took along a friend who wanted to meet him. Charlie and his friend Chris had a makeshift tarp rigged over the picnic table, and it was all very convivial, with other folks stopping by, as well, including a good friend. We shared food and drink, and lots of good company. We stayed until well after dark, then walked down to the car in the DARK and rain (my flashlight was in car, parked in the lot a good ways away), actually enjoying it a bit, maybe *because* of the extreme conditions. And then I got to actually see what Nightwind would do, on the way out of Big Basin. I kicked it into 4WD, as the rain was pummelling, the road was flooding, and there was debris all over the pavement. And of course, the road resembles a snake, and you never stop turning your wheel, first one way, then the other, until you hit the only moderately-windy Highway 9, 9 miles later. The conditions for which I GOT this car! I love challenging roads! And of course Nightwind handled it like a dream. And Highway 9 (which most flatlanders shudder over) seemed like a superhighway, when I took that last 15 miles or so. Yesterday, I noticed bits of redwood debris plastered to the back fenders, kicked up along the way. Souveniers of the adventure!

In the middle of the night, when the Big Storm hit (1 second or less delay between lightning and thunder, rattling the very walls, and set off every car alarm in the neighborhood!), it rained so hard that I wondered if my roof would hold. (It scoured the ground bare under the eavestrough at the back, I noticed yesterday, like under a waterfall.) I wondered and worried about the folks at Big Basin. Guess I'll hear stories of what it was like, soon.

Sunday, I just didn't have a lot of energy, but I'm still on the downhill side of being sick, I guess. I'm still doing a lot of cough drops. (I refuse to think that my storm adventure had any effect except positive, though I sure had trouble breathing in the heat of the cab, on the way out of Big Basin, with the defroster kicked up to high to keep the windshield clear of fog!)

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