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And a Birth for balance

I just got ecstatic email from my friend Rita. It included six photos of the new granddaughter. I can't express how happy I am. Rita has had a very rough go of things.
First was the baby her daughter-in-law miscarried at 6 months, and some ugly, hurtful things that were said, that Rita didn't deserve. Then Richard, her son (father of miscarried baby) died suddenly at 37. Then the loss of her husband of 30 years. Then breast cancer. I stayed in touch, but Jana was really the mainstay for Rita through all this. Then Jana died this year, and I kind of took on the role.

And the miracle started. Her daughter, whom she had never expected to marry, did so a few years back. However, there was never an expectation of children, and years ticked by. And now, at 42, her daughter is a mother! And Rita is a radiant grandmother. It's good. She's had way too much of the wrong sorts of things. She's always been one of the nicest, coolest ladies I know, and it's time she had better things going on.

May the granddaughter give her joy!

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