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What's wrong with this instruction?

Well, there's another one worthy of User Friendly (moreso than Dilbert) on our company web site. I finally decided, after much weighing of options, what I wanted to update and revise on the online health plan enrollment form.

The first message that comes up says "This web page is best filled out using Internet Explorer on a PC." Which of course I ignore because I'm on a Unix box. Using Netscape. Underneath are a series of options, for what system you are on. I click on Unix. It brings up a set of instructions, which says "Unix users should log out of Netscape and bring up Internet Explorer. Functionality of this web site cannot be guaranteed on other platforms."

SAY HUH??!!!

Talk about clueless. But then, to some, there is no system but Microsoft, and Bill Gates is its God.

So, I just went ahead and went through the site anyway. Where I hit javascript errors, I just used my Back button. (Javascript should be outlawed...)

Now, the great irony of all this is that most of us in this company are on Unix because *there is no way in bloody hell that you can run our software on anything other than either some flavor of Unix or Linux (a current migration being implemented). But of course HR dwells in a different universe, or they wouldn't be HR... Some days, I think that for some folks, a frontal lobotomy would be an improvement.

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