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I am SOOOOO back from vacation...

When one returns from a pleasant vacation, one does not wish to walk in to a desperate "Thank GOD you're back!!" It's been Hell on Horseback ever since.

The good thing is that I had the time of my life in Las Vegas, and didn't think of work once in the whole time. (Okay, I fretted that everything was going to go wrong while I was gone, on the drive down, but when I actually got there, my anxieties melted away.) Las Vegas is so much fun, in an over the top way, that I need to go back on a regular basis. Next time, I will have appropriate gear and garb, too. Let's see, either High Victorians or High Renaissance for being poled down the Grand Canal at the Venician, shimmy-wear for dancing to the Masquerade in the Sky show at the Rio, something elegant evening gown-ish for sipping drinks in the Voodoo Lounge on the 51st floor of the Rio... Something appropriately fannish for going through "The Star Trek Experience." And if I'd known my stay was going to intersect with the annual Fremont Street Hoedown and upcoming rodeo, I'd have brought Westernwear. (I grew up with these sorts of folks. These are MY people, and I wanted to exchange proper tribal signals, at the very least.) Live and learn.

The thing about Las Vegas is that people can't really explain it or describe it to you. It HAS to be experienced for you to understand. It's so outside the standard time-space continuum that it might as well be on the holodeck of the Enterprise. There IS NO analogy. It's a giant playground that has some nifty props for those of us who like to periodically leave the Real World (TM), but not the same "unreal" stuff that mundanes go there to experience. (When you can have a (much better) pseudo-medieval dinner any time you want, and you know the people who joust, why pay big bucks to go to it?) As a matter of fact, we were distinctive enough to end up in a few tourist photos, as "sights of Vegas," even at that.

So here I am, three days back, souped up with stress and frustration, with people having lept onto me with cries of "this MUST BE DONE NOW!" and the release that was due to go out a week ago Monday still not out the door. I'm just glad I missed all the fun and games of last week.

I go home and plot my next vacation. I'm SOOO glad there is a shutdown in 10 days.

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