Jilara (jilara) wrote,

Nigerian Letters Aplenty!

Wow, it must be the time of year! I got *five* different Nigerian Letter scam emails! Some are getting to be quite clever and amusing, actually. One was personalized, claiming that they were looking for relatives of Mr. Marcel Jilara, obviously using my account name as a possible last name, to give All This Money to. However, they accidentally forgot to change the name in one place. Whoops.

There are new variations. One is from "Jewel Taylor" supposed wife of the deposed Liberian strongman prez, asking for help getting diamonds and gold bars out of the country to ---you guessed it! Nigeria. I liked the line "The lives of myself and my children are at risk ever since my husband engaged himself in this rebel of a thing." Even President Bush gets cited as a party to this, in helping with the Nigerian asylum! I saved it as a true classic.

There's a Phillipine variation, too. That one was amusing in being blatant about help smuggling out our ill-gotten gains embezzled from the government. Refreshingly up-front about it.

There's probably an sociologist somewhere, tracking variants to study. (This is exclusive of the FBI, of course, who have a different interest.)

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