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Annual Stratus Reunion

Well, last night was the annual Stratus SWDC reunion dinner, and people came out of the woodwork, including Chris Van Der Veer, who left the company in 1993! But that's just it, we were family, and this is the annual family reunion, the second annual. Everyone was hugging and talking about how sincerely glad we were to see them--well, except for our former VP, Ray, but then, VP's have always existed in a different slot. He wasn't an easy guy to know, back when. I joked that we were going to do this every year until we were all old and creaky, and people pretty much agreed with me. This year, there were 38 of us, up from last year's 28.

It was so good to see Cheri again, as we chatted, and I found out that she's working on a Fantasy novel while she's been off work. Mark gave us both Christmas gifts, something wrapped, plus a teddy bear in the bag with it. He's so sweet, and I've missed him a lot. I need his cheerfulness and wicked sense of humor... It was great to see Joe, my former boss, too. It's been a rough go, again this year, but things are looking up. An informal poll had only about 60% unemployment this year, as opposed to 80% last year. Still, that's daunting, as these are a lot of bright people. I can only hope I'm lucky enough to work with some of these people again.

Addenda: we always meet at "Stratus Cafeteria #1," The House of Orient. This is an excellent mom-and-pop Chinese restaurant, that never does huge business. I think all of us loyal former Stratus-ites help keep them in business. Well, I think they got a great Christmas present, last night, with our huge party half-filling the restaurant. I noticed the grins and hugs behind the register. Does my heart good to think we help them through the holidays. Best Tangerine Beef on the planet, too.

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