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Is it a holiday, yet?

I am so ready for my week off work, for next week's shutdown! And typically, it's already booked up, mostly.

I hung my first strand of lights this morning (and found I needed to duct tape the end of the strand to a wall, to make it hang right on that end). I put out a basket of fake pointsettias, which Circe will probably try to eat, or at least knock on the floor while I'm at work, today. (I'm still debating about putting up the artificial tree---unbreakable ornaments only, this year!)

I have most of my holiday cards done. I'm way down on sending cards, this year, about 1 box worth. I don't get them done, if I do many more than 10...

Dickens Faire during the day tomorrow, and potluck in the evening. Ah yes, that time of year...
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