Jilara (jilara) wrote,

Survived the holidays

If I said I was so busy I met myself coming and going, I would have had far too much time with myself than was actually the case.

Note to self: NEVER in future let friends' parents convince you to eat "just a little bit more" out of politeness. The 12 hours of stomach cramps from overfilled guts just aren't worth being a polite guest. Above all, never let people convince you to do this repeatedly.

It was very nice to finally have some "self time" on the weekend. I got some errands done, and did some kitchen cleaning and reorg, and enjoyed it a lot. People don't understand about me and housework, but I need to be able to do cleaning and org to be able to feel good about myself and my environment, and it's a luxury I don't often have. I don't like living in the midden, but time is a luxury I don't often have.

When I was on my Costco run (I've been avoiding the place, except for gas, since mid-December), I bought a present for myself: a toaster oven. I'd been thinking about one for a while, and finally took the plunge. Tried it out on some frozen buffalo wings, and it does a nice job. Last night, onion soup! I like this gizmo. I also found that it exactly fits my Pampered Chef pie plate, so it will be good for pie crust, too. New cooking toys are always fun.

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