Jilara (jilara) wrote,

2003 giving

Well, I went through a lot of muttering before Christmas because there are a lot of good causes I'd like to give to, but didn't have the bucks to spare, since I bought the new truck (amazing what $500/mo payments do to your budget). So I limited myself to mostly the food bank. Then, the day after Christmas, I get a small windfall from a class action lawsuit. (Hmm, I seem to be part of the class on a lot of class action suits, lately. I have to remember to send in the paperwork for the Lucent stock stuff, next.) So, checks started going out. Small ones, $15-$30, but to places where I figured they'd do some good. I've felt very fortunate, this year, having a job and food and all. Time to spread a few bucks around where I figure it will do some good. Of course, it will give me deductions, too, but I always forget to take maybe a third of them, anyway...and that's not why I do it.

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