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Food preferences

As seen on janetmiles LJ... Must be synchronicity, as I've been thinking along the same lines...

The tag line states: "to make it easier to cook for and eat out with LiveJournal friends. So, if you will, copy this into your own journal and change it to fit you:"

Food Allergies
Scallops. I KNOW they want to kill me. They've tried twice. I'm really careful about what is meant by "seafood" now (the last time it was a "seafood lasagna.). Other mollusks okay.
Stilton cheese. This just makes me itch all over and makes my throat swell closed and makes it hard to breathe. Other (non-British) blues seem to be okay.
Non-organic eggs. I used to eat eggs a lot in college. Then I moved to the Bay Area, and my old reaction to Los Angeles eggs came back - getting violently ill after eating them. It was variable, so I mostly didn't eat eggs. Then, a couple years back, I tried organic eggs. No problem. I can eat organic eggs! Yay! Who knows, maybe they feed the chickens scallops around here...

Foods I don't eat, ever:
Anything I'm allergic to. See above.
Not a food, but - Nutrasweet, or any other alias for aspartame. It not only gives me headaches, it also knocks out my color vision for a few hours. Yes, I have found this is true by ingesting it without knowing it, at parties. Like with scallops, if there is a doubt, I pass by sweet things, particularily punch.

Foods I generally don't eat, but will eat occasionally:
Cola, unless it's RC, or I'm dying of thirst and there's nothing else.
Juice containing corn sweetener, sugar, or other suspect substances. Again, how thirsty am I?
Sea urchin roe. I don't care if it's a delicacy. The sea otters can have my share.

General Principles About My Food Prefs:
I never met a chili pepper I didn't like. Hot sauce is my friend.
Almost any dish can be redeemed if there's enough spinach in it. Yes, that includes meatloaf. (My mother used to do a great spinach meatloaf.) Yes, spinach is my *supreme* favorite food. Has been since I was in preschool.
Halibut is the most delicious fish on the planet.
I'm really big on specialty meats. And I adore sweetbreads!

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