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Unfriendly foods

Hmm, I've always boasted about my digestive tract being able to handle almost anything. I think the key here is "almost." Habanero peppers, I can eat in quantity. All manner of spices. What doesn't sit well? Mashed potatos. Or, more specifically, instant mashed potatos. Now, it might also be bread.

It seems to be the bland stuff that my stomach rebels against. I had a bout last night, the second night in a row, of burping and general stomach discomfort, feeling bloated and gassy, and tried to think what it didn't like.

What was different? Bread. I had made bread in the bread machine, and made garlic bread on both Saturday and Sunday. And that started me thinking. Maybe, just maybe, it's still-active yeast that survived cooking? For that matter, maybe that's what's in instant mashed potatos, which wouldn't be in freshly boiled/baked potatos. Could this be fermenting in my stomach? Seems possible. Sourdough (not as active a yeast) doesn't do this, so maybe it's time to try sourdough with the bread machine. Tastier, too.

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