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Now they're spoofing earthlink...

I haven't been particularily happy with earthlink, but hey, they got dialup. But I've been finding some very interesting things since I:
1. switched my email to Netscape
2. managed to get onto their webmail server from work

Earthlink utilities don't much like Netscape, but it's interesting to see what comes up in the real addresses. An email claiming that they had had a problem processing my account, with a request to update credit card info based on a link in the email, which came from a non EL account in the UK. Bet some number of folks fell for that one, not knowing you should never click anything in an email.

And today, since they have now upgraded my Internet Exploder at work so that I can actually access it, I went onto webmail (I have to do this, now, to delete the messages I download to Netscape---part of how it doesn't like NS.) There was a new message claiming to be from Earthlink saying someone had tried made an unauthorized access of my account, but they had intercepted it, and please click this link to change the password. (One wants to know how anyone would *know* it was an unauthorized access...ah, logic...) The antivirus pegged it as both a spoof email AND containing a virus of unknown type. Yeah, let's delete that puppy before it goes anywhere.

Definitely time to look into another dial-up provider.
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