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Offshoring, a not-impossible thought

I was just muttering darkly, because of a situation with our non-managing manager. (He's supposed to have some review evaluation meetings done by Friday, so we can send out peer evaluation notices. When asked about the evaluator meetings, he just said "Oh, I haven't even read the new policy yet".) Stuff where *we* get consequences if he hasn't done his part...

I would call HR about a couple of these issues. Last year, it was only because of my call to them that our HR rep found my missing goals from 2002, which had never been entered into the system, due to my boss being laid off. Except we now only have an "HR Help Line."

They got rid of all the local HR folks. You now just get this byzantine maze of "Press 1/2/3 for... that's worse than the bank." I know because I had to ask a question, a few months back. I finally got to a real person, who steered me to another real person, who gave me an email reference to someone in Utah, who answered my question.

What if the HR system now goes to a call center in India? (Like our IT department help line is now in India, the ones who told Sylvia our system hadn't been backed up in two years, when she lost some files--thank gods they were wrong.) I can just imagine how helpful the India HR reps could be---NOT! Who would you even complain to? Another person in India?? Catch-22 lives.

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