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My Surreal Job

I have decided that tech writing is just another variation on being in an old Prisoner episode.

I have a writer in India insisting that I'm not seeing what I'm seeing, both on their web site, and in the pdf file he attached to an email. He changed those screens, really. I'm supposedly hallucinating. I don't want an argument over what he did or didn't do, I want a file with *correct screens*. What I am seeing is not correct.

I have a boss who is planning to make us log into a Linux "dumb terminal" to log into a Solaris box (the only one that supports some of our custom pubs applications), instead of logging onto Solaris directly, as we do now. This is supposed to "save the department money." How is unclear.

I have a boss who doesn't understand the new online review forms and process, but won't admit to it. And will never go to meetings/training on these things, because he hates them. But doesn't want us doing anything until he understands it. Except there is a deadline coming up Friday, for part of the process.

I could do some documentation in a few minutes to a couple hours, but now I have to send the stuff to India, so that they can louse it up for weeks, with me nagging for updates, and waste days of my time trying to explain to them what would be simple tasks for me. I know I'm going to end up doing their work for them, if we're going to get anything usable at all. But I'm going to try not to. But I've already been told by my boss that I will have to "spoon feed them information" as part of my new, revised job duties.

I am asked to account for bugs India hasn't fixed, and I have never even seen, because they weren't assigned to San Jose. And my boss won't even give me a bug number, but says things like "Oh, it's the bug Joe filed on 1/6." Hello?

And people wonder why I suffer from stress...

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