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Multiplying items

I had a sudden realization today. It was to do with having to buy hangers this weekend, because I had run out.

My wire coathangers no longer multiply. They diminish. Because I seem to take items to places on wire hangers, and the hangers stay. Or they get deformed out of shape so much that I toss them. And I haven't had anything drycleaned since I had it done for a dress for a friend's wedding. Just about everything I own is natural fibers and is washed and ironed (or steamed). Diminishing coathangers, wow.

But what IS multiplying? Well, junk mail is the obvious answer. (I swear I must have fallen off the Mail Preference list, since the junkmail has gone up exponentially in the last year.) But more than that, boxes and styrofoam, and plastic bags. I go to Costco, and they put my stuff in a box. My wine club stuff comes in boxes, with styrofoam. Or from the winery in a box. Or I buy a cheap new vaccuum, and there is as much packaging as vaccuum cleaner. And plastic bags!!! When I go to Grocery Outlet, I plead with them to put more stuff in each bag, but no...I get a bag of sugar in its own bag, a bottle of juice in its own bag... And then they double-bag them! Every recycling day, a wad of plastic bags stuffed into another plastic bag goes into the bin. They won't use my fabric bag---I guess it's too yuppy for the blue-collar atmosphere of Grocery Outlet. At least I've figured out I can recycle the styrofoam wine insulators as flower pots for seedlings. Plastic bags have more limited uses, mostly lining trash cans.

New century, new multiplying items...

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