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Fog of War

I saw the MacNamara movie last night, Fog of War. Aside from the fact that I think the second half could have been a lot tighter, it was fascinating. I've always been fascinated by MacNamara, anyway. The man is brilliant, and you feel like he has a strong sense of ethics--but you also realize that ethics are terribly situational. Rather like the story about the too-loyal Roman legion, or some of the stories that come out of the samurai code.

I also heard an echo of my mother, talking about the deaths she cheered in WWII. "It seems wrong now, but things were different then. Don't judge me." The insights about General LeMay, a friend of my father's, were thought provoking, too.

It's a fascinating movie, and offers no conclusions, no analysis, and that's part of what makes it so compelling. It makes you think. It doesn't tell you how you should think. I hope it takes the Best Documentary award.

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