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Oh, I get it, this is Hell...

Wow, I never realized that Hell was a real place. And just think, I work here...

I have been given an Impossible Task (if I told any tech writer what I will have to do in the next two months, they would probably run screaming), and told that I will not get sick or die or otherwise fall behind, because then they will take it all out on my boss. If I fail in my task, they will punish her, as well as myself, but her more severely. If I quit, the remaining members of the team will be punished. Even if I succeed, we will probably all be punished anyway, because we are a Team, and the whole team sinks or swims together. Oh, and you will be required to take vacation for the Thanksgiving Week shutdown, but you will be required to come in and work, along with the rest of development, anyway, because you're all too far behind.

Actually, I'm not sure if it's Hell or modeled on some historical absurdity like something out of Lone Wolf and Cub. And they've sure pinpointed my weaknesses well---making other people suffer if I fail. But I suppose that the one GOOD thing is that it will probably all be over be the end of January. At this point, having the whole division tossed out on the street doesn't look like a bad thing, but rather a mercy. Sort of like dying after a nasty illness.

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