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More Spring Cleaning

I continue the vast effort. Okay, there is a large heap of things on and around the coffee table in the center of the living room currently, and a lot of boxes with things in various stages of being sorted, at the edge of the dining room. But I now have reorganized the opposite corner from the new bookcase - pulled the TV and the two media cabinets out and found the Lost Trove of Tapes, not to mention the Lair of Shelob. (Fortunately, the cobwebs all looked long abandonned, but the amount of spiderwebs behind the TV was...impressive.) I decided at that point that the TV had to MOVE, out of the cobweb corner. That's when I ended up calling Chris again. Not for the TV and media cabinets, but the big free hutch that the folks across the street gave away when they moved out. I now know why, as it's solid oak and TREMENDOUSLY heavy, even empty! Even with the two of us, it was challenging. I feel like I've been lifting weights all weekend.

I also put up brackets to hold the new curtains (which haven't come yet). As a temporary decorative measure, I draped some green polyester fabric (left from the man-eating plants a couple halloweens back) as a swag. Looks good.

I put the cleaning and reorganization at about 50%. I'm going to finish the cleaning aspect, then think on how I want to eventually reorganize. It probably won't happen until a few months down the road, because I have to figure out what to do with two pieces of furniture that won't fit in the new plan. (It's that media storage thing...) And I'm going to work on sculpting out more chunks of the 1960's carpet, to expose the hardwood floor.

And in addition, I got a lot of yardwork done, mostly weeding, weedwhacking the Killer Oregano, and getting some rose pruning done. (Sigh, the Rosa banksia is trying to rip the roof tiles off again. Next weekend means a trip to the roof. I'd rip it out, if it didn't have such a glorious display of puffy yellow flowers.)

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