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The Wonder of Paint

My project for the long weekend was painting. The dreary dirty yellow hallway, its paint now starting to peel over near the bathroom door, had to go. I had determined on a pale green with pale berry trim, which would probably make the place seem lighter. So off I went to Kelly Moore. At the time, I noticed a couple bottles of something called "glaze" for half off, next to the register. Hmm...

So I repainted the hallway, and ran out of green before it was fully done. Back to Kelly Moore on Sunday. I needed a small "detailing" paint pad, anyway. And had thought about the glaze, and got some dark green as an impulse buy.

I remembered what my massage lady had done with glaze on her massage room. Hmm, I wanted to do something with the bathroom, and had already ordered a pinecone wallpaper border. So I got out my sponge and did a green novelty finish over the cream yellow bathroom walls, which looked like an abstract pattern of pine cones and pine needles. It pulled together the green tile floor and the cream yellow ceramic tile shower walls and countertops. It's like a whole new room. When the border comes, it will be awesome!

The hallway is now SO much lighter! And the berry trim in the hallway ties everything in with the living room walls. The green ties in with the bathroom.

I now stand in the middle of the hallway, looking at it and the bathroom, and reveling in the change. I was bone tired for a couple days, doing all this (including moving heavy furniture), but it was SO worth it.

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