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Kaftka wrote my job description

I'm starting to really appreciate fairy tales. You know, the ones where you have to spin straw into gold or find strawberries in the dead of winter, or you get beheaded. How about mutually exclusive and contradictory (sorry, that's redundant) product requirements? And with several bigwigs insisting theirs is the correct version, don't listen to those other people. Oh, you have to give us a schedule NOW. No, that's based on the release schedule, that's not good enough. It must be done earlier than that. But the product won't be complete then. Never mind, it must be documented and tested before then. And pubs and QA will be held responsible for accuracy. Oh, and you don't have enough information and/or resources? Stop bellyaching and start working. Honestly, these workers are all just a buncha frigging whiners.
That's just the tip of the iceburg. People who ask "how's it going at work" are NOT on my good list, right now.

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