Jilara (jilara) wrote,

Review time

I got a very good review from my boss. But I asked about a cryptic comment in the review. Hmm, he redefined our jobs, last year. This was to keep them here, not in India. After he explained some of what had been going on in background, a lot of things started to make more sense. We came really close to being outsourced, last year. And it would have been disasterous for the division, if it had happened, because tech writers really aren't just "glorified secretaries" as I once heard it asserted. So he respun the descriptions to reflect a lot of the things we do in addition to "just writing" documents. He may not understand the process, but he understands that I'm part detective, part QA, part engineer, and always an innovator. I have a lot more respect for this man, having had this discussion.

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