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Martha Stewart Goes Down

I'm not really surprised that Martha got convicted. She's immensely talented, but her values are screwy.
In one of those odd three-degrees of separation scenarios, I've heard interesting things about her. My old fiance's late SO used to be a friend of her ex-husband. She made her money as a rape-and-pillage stockbroker, then used it to fund her budding catering business, which then evolved into Martha Stewart Enterprises, as she clawed her way up another ladder. Her husband divorced her because he didn't like what she became during that ascent. He thought she used people, him included, and regarded them merely as a means of furthering her own aspirations. She thought he was extremely unsupportive. Duh.
Things I hear about what her employees said about her tend to bear that out. Martha is out for Martha. If a little insider trading will help Martha, hey, what's the biggie?
And apparently that's another of her traits. She doesn't see what's wrong with any of her actions or attitudes.

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