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Maybe I shan't wear purple...

It's really too bad, because I've always always worn purple, because I like it, but maybe I need something else to counteract the insobriety of my youth. ;-) At least my red hats are all a bit weird, like artillery kepi and medieval/Renaissance headgear. I'm just starting to get a bit tired of all the women in red hats and purple dresses, and all the MASS MARKETING I'm starting to see toward that crowd.
"And we all wear red and purple to show our individuality." Yeah.

Hmm, I'm wearing my psi-corps colors today: black with a touch of olive green (in the tie-dyed knots in my skirt, and the back of my haori). It must be time to go back to being slightly goth (like I was before there was a term for it).

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