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Mission dealt with

Last week was the collision of too many things, ranging from work issues in multiplicity (I seem to be the major mover and shaker for things that need to be resolved at a higher level, here), things that had to be done for the Celtic Faire, etc.

Well, I am partially on the way to mostly-resolving things at work (as much as a mortal can, for the moment), so that's more managable. And I got everything done on Chris' English Civil War coat except the buttons (which have to be made by hand) and buttonholes (which really ought to be made by hand, though I may cheat and machine them). Food tasks done. Equipment tasks/loans done. I got up there, got offloaded at 11 pm on Friday, and felt I could wind down a bit.

I did find that I had overbooked myself for what I thought I could do at the Faire by about 1 1/2 times, and that assuming that I never left camp. So I chucked trying subdivide myself and do cooking demos, helping with camp stuff, making charges, etc. at the same time I was marching in parades, drilling, and doing battle reenactments. I even managed to take a couple 20-minute breaks and listen to music or look at interesting booth goods, or chat with friends. (Oops, I was chatting with friends who were doing Picts a couple camps over, looked up, and realized I'd better sign off and hustle NOW to try to fall in with the drill that was starting. I'd thought I had 10 minutes.) But I'd loaned Chris my arquebus and was borrowing Dale's snap-lock, and (while I love that gun!), the flint gods were not with me. I broke the edge off in the drill at the front gate on Saturday, and we had to re-knap the flint. Dale replaced it on Saturday night, and in morning drill on Sunday, the new flint split clean in two. He replaced it again, and at the last drill, the new new flint shattered into 6 pieces. I think he got a bad batch of flints. This is not encouraging, since he is making me a new flintlock that I should have in the next couple months---I know his workmanship is amazing, but the flints he's been getting seem not up to the challenge. I'm going to have a friend look for "shipwreck flints" for me at the next traders fair, as various black powder friends say these 18th century flints are incredible. But of course, your life depended on them.

It was a good weekend, though I really have to stop overbooking myself so much. I've done this sort of thing since I was a teenager (when I was managing to take 7 solids in high school, when there were only 5 classes in the day, plus be involved in drama, the school council, and three clubs (president of one of them) ---special arrangements, okay?), so it's hard to stop, now.

I even got to hang out at Tempest's last gig for a while, as they decided to hold the closing gate time for another hour, and not let us in to load until 6 pm. Having to kick back for an hour has its advantages. All in all, a very satisfying weekend.

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