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The Food Meme (Part I)

I'll never get this done in one sitting!

What's the last thing you ate? cold steamed artichoke
What's your favourite cheese? All of them. Maybe Jarlesburg has a very slight edge. I can live on cheese.
What's your favourite fish? Halibut
What's your favourite fruit? Cherries (I once at 4 lbs at a sitting!)
When, if ever, did you start liking olives? Too young to recall. I started on cocktail olives when I was 6.
When, if ever, did you start liking beer? I was 2 years old. My parents gave up beer, because my father let me taste his, when I demanded it, and I drained the glass. From that point on, it was "Where's MY beer!" whenever they had any. Hence they stopped drinking it.
When, if ever, did you start liking shellfish? Probably when we lived in Hawaii when I was 5. I know I ate a lot of it then. Loved pickled octopus, too. The old Japanese guy at the general store in Kahului used to give me pieces to chew on.
What was the best thing your mum/dad/guardian used to make? Before my mom got weird and only ate "health food" like grape smoothies with wheat germ, she made killer creamed tuna with white wine in the sauce. Her filet mignon in Tokay was great, too. (I learned to cook both for my father, when she stopped cooking.)
What's the native specialty of your home town? Chuck Wagon Barbecue (but nowadays, Tourist Food)
What's your comfort food? Creamed spinach. Followed closely by steel cut oat porridge with butter.
What's your favourite type of chocolate? White, though some claim it's not chocolate at all. Followed closely by bittersweet. I dislike milk chocolate.
How do you like your steak? medium rare
How do you like your burger? from small diners
How do you like your eggs? organic, or they make me very sick
How do you like your potatoes? Never met a potato I didn't like
How do you take your coffee? Regional varietal (Maui is my current fav) with a dab of milk
How do you take your tea? unadorned
What's your favourite mug? raku with a dimensional Tengu peering over the edge at you - others might find it hard to deal with in the morning. ;-)
What's your biscuit or cookie of choice? Ginger, if the ginger is strong enough.
What's your ideal breakfast? Breakfast? Coffee. I don't eat until at least 11 am, or my blood sugar crashes hard in the mid-morning. If I have to eat, I like oatmeal.
What's your ideal sandwich? BLT with homegrown lettuce and tomatos
What's your ideal pizza (topping and base)? Something called the "Mother Lode" I just had in Angels Camp. Otherwise, canadian bacon and pineapple, thin crispy crust.
What's your ideal pie,Pecan
What's your ideal salad?Homemade, with lots of homegrown fixings, oil and pear vinegar
What food do you always like to have in the fridge?Milk, cheese, hot sauce
What food do you always like to have in the freezer?Fish, calamari, veggies
What food do you always like to have in the cupboard?Everything. You could feed Europe from my pantry. Canned goods, staples, 25 lbs of flour, 20 lbs of rice, enough general food to survive at least 3 weeks without going to the store.

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