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Some folks think I have time to watch TV...

I had another argument with Rosemary on the phone. She thinks I need to get a satelite dish system. "Then you can get History International and National Geographic and a lot of other things without having to pay the expensive rates." I patiently explain that I don't have time to watch the cable TV I *have.* "But then you could record it and watch it later," she says.

"USING WHAT FOR TIME?" I demand, getting a little testy. It's taken me up to 2 months to watch a show where she's loaned me a tape, because she thinks I *need* to see it. "You can watch it whenever it's convenient." "Rosemary, I don't have time to watch the TV I HAVE!" She happily prattles on about all these time-wasting shows I should be watching, like Ground Force. I point out that I have BBC America now, and I DON'T WATCH IT. I'm too busy. And Ground Force, once you've seen it once, why do it more? Even with things I do watch (mostly food network and Japanese TV,lately) I do something else while the TV plays in the background. (I put Food Network on while I'm cooking, for instance.)

I don't understand how, with all the things there are to do, people watch so bleeding much TV. If I were to watch TV regularily, it would cut so far into my quality time and time I really NEED that I'd never get anything done, my brain would rot, and my friends would see even less of me than they do now. I would rather spend time with real human beings, or out DOING things, than in front of the boob tube. Maybe if time hung heavy on my hands, I'd think differently, but my free time is currently too precious to fritter it away on watching TV.

Okay, I do make an exception for 1 hour a week, for my Japanese TV historical dramas on Saturday night. But if I get a better offer, I go do that, instead. And I even refuse to record them, because I wouldn't have time to watch it, later, anyway. I feel like I still have control, if I can walk away from even Musashi, Toshii and Matsu, or whatever. (Okay, I admit that's the one time I don't answer the phone. Maybe I am lost, after all. For anything else, I'll answer the phone, and turn off the TV.)

It's hard to explain this philosophy to someone who doesn't understand that life is too short and time too previous to fritter it away on TV. Which isn't to say I don't sometimes watch it. It just means that it has the appropriate priority in my life: last.

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