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The music constantly playing in my head

Huh, who'd a thunk it. One of the stories on Netscape news today is about people who have "auditory hallucinations" where there is music playing in their head, often with full orchestra. They said that it's relatively uncommon with the younger generation, but one in 10,000 of those over 65 experience it. The most common music in the study group is Abide With Me.

Huh, I thought *everyone* had music that played in their head on a regular basis. I know it's more rare for me NOT to have music running in my head than the other way around. The default tune seems to be the Star Wars overture. Yeah, full movie orchestration. It's the default tune, just the general muszak of my soul.

I hum along with what's in my head a lot, too. People have said that they can tell my mood by what I'm humming. I don't need to listen to external music. I have my own. When I write down "Current Music" for LJ, it's what is currently running in my head. Every now and then, I just run up against something that makes me realize that things I take for granted, as something all people experience, is relatively rare. It has made a lot of things in the world make more sense, when I make these realizations, though.

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