Jilara (jilara) wrote,

Small indulgences

Hmm, I'm definitely investing in House Stuff. The new lampshades for the dining room arrived yesterday, stained glass (sorta) that look vaguely like bamboo. Considering that the old shades haven't been up for a couple years, since one got broken, it looks more like a real chandelier again.

The other indulgences:
Warren Zevon and Danny Elfman recordings. And a compilation of great Wild West themes. Music is Important. I haven't gotten any new stuff for over a year.
Japanese fabric. I'm now sewing with the stuff, entirely by hand. It just feels better, doing the handsewing part. (Surprise, I find I don't actually dislike sewing, like I thought. I just dislike sewing by *machine.* I am loving hand sewing stuff again. It's like meditation, and sensuous to boot, with this Japanese fabric.) But I've been buying deadstock from kimono dealers now gone out of business, bought off a Japanese web site. Hand spun and hand woven, on some of it. Hand dyed on every part that's dyed. Who cares if it's only 20" wide? It has SOUL. I have both cotton and silk. Can't wait to get the latest bolt of arimatsu tie-dye, in a pattern of leaves. Or ikat camellias. I ordered them last week.

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