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Fun with work systems

It's been SUCH an interesting week. We have all sorts of worms and viri floating through the MS-based corporate servers, which have had their own little interesting implications. (Glad I work on a UNIX box!)
And last night, Cadence's external domain was kicked out of the web by "an errant deletion of the Cadence domain name." It had to be reestablished by Verisign.
Hmmm, interesting. Based on what I hear off the IT scuttlebutt, I wouldn't be surprised if Cadence was specifically targetted by some of these problems, rather than just a random target of drifting programs. Things like this sometimes happen after workforce reductions. I remember when I was the admin for our department at Motorola, and we had J. Random Hacker getting into the system at 3 am and planting cron jobs on the Unix system that would swamp the system memory. He was coming in from the east coast, because the system got reset to Eastern time, each time he entered. (The proprietary DOS system got killed entirely, which could only have been done by someone with inside knowledge.) I started hacking, to figure what was going on. In those days before shadow password files, I found that he had managed to insert a spoof password file, that gave him root permissions, on a hidden dismounted node (possibly created when he worked there?). Thus started a very interesting game of cat-and-mouse... It was like a chess game, played with Unix. Ah, those were the days... Don't miss the security holes at all...

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