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New cult classic?

A friend recommended "10.2" as a weird comedy relief sort of movie, after watching 20 minutes. I find I have to agree. It's got great potential for Mistie 3K treatment, or commentary by Joe-Bob Briggs. It's like it was designed that way, almost. Now mind you, I was watching it mostly while doing other things, so there are big chunks of it missing in my viewing experience, but it's really got potential. And you don't NEED the missing chunks, because it really has no plot anyway, so you didn't miss anythng.

Thrill to the obvious model train speeding along its landscaped table, toward Redding. Watch the earthquake chase the train. Run, train, run! It's really cool how the giant fissure *exactly* follows the tracks, just like unzipping a zipper. Then there's the Annoying Teenager camping with her father. I was SO disappointed she didn't get snuffed! Oh, did I mention her Mom is the governor of California? Boy, you thought our recent governors had problems---she's got not just earthquakes, but this airheaded, asthmatic, nincompoop-with-attitude for a daughter. And then she and dad get caught in the sucking sandpit. Not quicksand, as that requires water. No, sand here just eats cars, like being pulled into an antlion trap. And this is after Dad has found the buried car with the radio still playing. (Boy, they've got a better antennae than mine!) Which leads to an M3K moment, when she's asking him, as he digs and peers through the windshield-- "What do you see?" And you yell back "I see dead people!"

With the Golden Gate bridge collapse, you say "Where's Superman when you need him?"
Choruses of "Think you better get ready/To tie up your boat in Idaho!" are good, too. You'll be reminded of everything from "Earthquake!" (I think they borrowed some footage) to "Mars Attacks!", and many, many, many more. Somehow, I really expected the politician who goes down to manually arm the atom bomb that's stuck halfway down the shaft to ride it down, a la "Dr. Strangelove" when the next big quake hits. Missed an opportunity, there. (The bit about using atomic warheads to stop quakes is worthy of Teller, btw.) I think it works because they're playing it like a deathless classic, instead of camping it up. It's so much more fun when you get to camp it up on your own.

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