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Not a good sign...

I'm starting to feel slightly hysterical, which doesn't bode well. It's just that I am looking at the amount of bugfixes I'm fielding, the amount of rewriting I'm doing, the volatility of the product, and that I'm generating information for the entire pubs department. Plus the fact that I looked at something I gave India for a bugfix and realized they'd completely screwed up the material, which was fine when I sent it to them (I even sent them a revised page with all the painstakingly verified usage and command syntax, which they then screwed over), and the fact we have to have beta docs in a couple weeks. I have to get the stuff reviewed, and they're still making major changes, or I'm finding (like today) that there are unexpected default behaviors. Gee, change one parameter, and change the world. I will stay sane, I tell myself. But my fellows will not be making this easy.

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