Jilara (jilara) wrote,

Blast your tastebuds!

Well, I have discovered the ultimate mouth-rush over at the local FoodMaxx (which is where I go for all my Mexican staples, amazing place!). I've had the non-atomic version, so I picked up a box of something called Pulparindo, in Neuvo! Extra Picante (in an explosion bubble) Dulce de Tamarindo. The fine print (warning label?) says "Hot and Salted Tamarind Pulp". Think of this as a candy bar for the truly demented (like me). I knew it was going to be even wilder than I expected when I opened the wrapper and found it was coated in powdered chili. Mmmm, extreme hot/sour/salty/sweet. I bet you could dissolve this and make an amazing sauce...

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