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You know you've been working too long when...

You keep trying to log into Live Journal with your work id and password. And not understanding why it isn't working.

In another line of work, people would accuse me of being a control freak, who has to know everything and do everything. Around here, it means it gets done *correctly.* And I don't have a choice. I've now been put in charge of tapping the India database (I already have) and making sure the review of their manuals goes out in small chunks to the right people. Their answer was to dump a 900-page and 500-page pdf copy to a random collection of big managers, most of whom had nothing to do with what they wanted reviewed. So now I'm tasked with getting it done, taking review copies around in chapters or functional chunks, sitting down with the appropriate developers, and getting input to pass on.

In addition to my other work, of course.

Groan. Another 11 hour day, today. I was doing 11 and 12 hour days last week. This morning I had a hitch put on the car, so it's only 11. My boss was just in my cube asking for suggestions on what to order for dinner for everyone on Thursday. (It's his turn.) Hmm, maybe Indian food. I just KNOW I'll be in over the holiday. Gee, don't I just love the electronics industry...

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