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Heading to Vacation!

Blessed sanity awaits me. I am not sure I will even be checking into the net at all. I plan to visit with friends, walk on beaches, and commune with mountains. And celebrate my 50th birthday while my sister-in-law celebrates her 60th. (We were born 1 decade and 3 days apart.)

I even have a pile of "doglettes" (a.k.a. puppies) awaiting me at a friends place.

Tomorrow is a long-haul day. I need to be in Central Point, Oregon, by around dinnertime. Where will go in search of a kennel miles down a dirt road, to be greeted by "doglettes" and a barbecue. I can deal. ;-)

I've only got another couple hours of work, to finish up, before I leave here tonight. I'm not planning to think of this place at all.
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