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Seeing purple

I am getting the feeling it's time to stop wearing purple. For the very first time, I found myself feeling uncomfortable wearing it, and I've been wearing purple for a looong time. Why? Red-hatters.

They're everywhere. I can't open a catalog or go into a shop, lately, without seeing red hats and purple garb. And, very frankly, I just don't want to be identified with a bunch of people who are so into conformist nonconformity. It was when I heard that they wouldn't let those under 50 wear purple or red hats that I started feeling really uncomfortable with them. The merchandising angle strikes me badly, too. I see gaggles of women in purple piling off busses, like a clump of beatniks in black, so much alike, secure in their being nonconformists all alike.

I think I'm going into pink. Hot pink, probably. I'm wearing pink and hot pink today, as a matter of fact.

But I can think of one purple t-shirt I want to make. It will say: "I've ALWAYS worn purple." Sort of like "I wore black before it was cool." But the fine print will say: "And I still hate red." Of course, I do have a couple red hats: a burgundy HUGE flat cap with feathers (my Jilara hat), a stuffed roll with a liripipe, and my artillery kepi. Which might end up as a t-shirt motif that only I could wear: "My red hat is an artillery kepi" with a picture of a cannon. Now THAT's individual!

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