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Hmm, I got a request for info to include me in the Who's Who directory of tech professionals. It even looks legit, assuring you that it's not one of those fake Who's Who things that ask for money, etc. My first thought was "How did they get my name? I'm not that good." Then I realized that maybe 26 years of tech writing, doing everything from unofficial management to sysadmin to being a service tech for the hardware maybe counted for something. Okay, I'll fill out the form. What the hey...

Interestingly enough, I remember when I got a request from Who's Who in the West, and my first thought was "Oh, they really wanted my father..." (who was in it). None of the volunter work I'd done for the State of California, which had gotten me State commendations and citations counted for much in my eyes. Anybody with a lot of determination can write 400-page research proposals for the Sutters Fort Rehab project, likewise get 500-hour volunteer pins, etc. My articles on historic topics (and things like the one on care and feeding of rare books, which turns out to now be used as reference at the state archives), were just projects, too. In retrospect, I realize that maybe they really did want ME, and I shouldn't have ditched the request saying "It's not like I've done anything noteworthy..." But it just didn't fit with my self-image.

Maybe in 12 years, I've learned to give myself a little more credit. But it still doesn't fit with my self-image.

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