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Message from the universe...

I think it has been decided I'm too into TV, sometimes watching as much as 5 hours a week (CSI, my Japanese shows, and sometimes Discovery/PBS/Food). I turned on the telly earlier in the week and thought it was odd that the Food Network channel had Hallmark on it. Shrug, probably a rework on the channels, I figured. Skip to Turner Classic Movies. Hmm, station unavailable. Okay, wasn't supposed to watch TV that night...

Skip to last night, where I turn on the TV at quarter to 9, figuring I'll see what's on Discovery prior to watching CSI. Blue screen of death. Skip to CBS. Brief banner at the bottom, then blue screen of death. Hmm. So I call up Comcast. Uh, yes, we had an "accident" with the cable, earlier in the week, they say. No idea when it will return to service.

So I watched an hour of the samurai drama that I'd recorded while I was gone, instead. I'm sooo far behind on my Japanese TV... (CSI was probably a rerun, anyway. And this was definitely a message that I've gotten a little too obsessive about watching it.)

And I've still got a lot of books to read, that I'm behind on getting to.

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