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Dream adventures

I love it when I get a really good, cohesive, adventurous, fighting dream. I got one last night.

In this one, some baddies were holding hostage a couple families who had stumbled on their drug operation, out on a rural farm. I, who had stopped by the visit, came across them, played it cool so they wouldn't realize I knew what was up, and decided these Vinnie-types had to go. Selecting suitable objects for head-bashing, and recruiting the more competant of the captives, we rose up against the captors. I found that the big hunk of driftwood was inadequate, and knocking someone out with it was hard. Lots of hand-to-hand combat. I later assessed which of those kung fu techniques actually worked and which didn't, and found that a bunch had no real world application. I then went off to investigate the rest of the operation, telling the freed hostages to call the authorities. I ended up in full Jane Bond mode, wearing a catsuit, running around dockside warehouses, trying to keep the baddies from removing their shipments and heading out before the authorities arrived. Since this is, of course, my dream, this involved combat scenarios, getting knocked off a dock into oil-scummed water, and chimney-climbing stacked boxes of heavy equipment, and finding out a wet, oily catsuit may give you mobility, but it's pretty slippery when you need traction for climbing. I was hiding out on top of a stack of coke machines when the authorities arrived. I always seem to also get out of breath, experience pain, and have essentially a full sensory experience in these dreams. Good stuff. No fencing, but hey, it didn't fit the scenario. Wish I had dreams like this more often.

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