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Porch sitting

It really started with a flier from my favorite remaindered furniture store, who has had their rent raised massively, and so are doing an inventory clearance sale prior to closing. As a regular customer, I got an extra 20% off. Sigh, I've got to keep track of where they're going to end up, though they haven't yet located a new place for the rent they are hoping for. (I find this ironic, seeing as how much empty real estate is just sitting, all over greater San Jose. You'd think folks would get the message that maybe they should *lower the rents*? There's a recession on---get a clue!)

I really went in for bookcases (I buy all my bookcases there). Honest. But I kept going back to this oak bench seat. Great size, smaller than the standard. I could also move it by myself (though the sucker must weigh 60 lbs, easy---solid wood, you know). And it was a Great Deal, $129.

So I went home with my prize and cleaned the porch, which had turned into the haven of cobwebs, dirt, and dead throwaway newspapers. (Well, mostly cleaned. There's still a bin full of garden junk in the corner, and a stack of cast iron that I need to deal with.) I rearranged the potted plants, put the bench in a likely spot, made a table out of my tamalero, and suddenly had a very pleasant little place to sit and gaze on my roses and apple trees. (I've been known to sit on the porch steps, some evenings--it's a very pleasant place.) In a moment of inspiration, I strung up the fibre-optic butterfly lights, moving them twice before I settled on a potential spot. After dark, with the porchlight off, the effect is magical, since the glow on the edges of the wings is just enough to give them a moon-moth quality. Today, I plunked some dried hydrangeas into a vase next to the "table" for that extra touch. So, I have fushias on one side (along with some other plants), and a table on the other.

Another throwaway paper had landed on the porch by lunch today. I realized what the porch now needs is a trash bin! I got this great idea. If I decoupage pages from the decorator/linens catalogs onto an old wine box, I can get actual use out the catalogs and box, by creating a creative disposable trash can. When it's full, I take the whole thing out and dump it into the recycle bin, and make a new one. Put the paper recyclables to work on their own disposal, decoratively. What a concept!

So I sat out on my porch a bit, yesterday. When I don't use the bench, Ming has decided it's a great place to play Decorator Cat. Dual duty. I suspect I'm going to get a lot of use out of my new porch haven.

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