Jilara (jilara) wrote,

Near Miss Week

Two things seem to go with this week. Overscheduling and near misses.

Near misses are a Good Thing. Tuesday, I was already running late to head for dinner with my adopted family in Palo Alto. Then my boss showed up in my office. Oh well, we're going to be a lot later than hoped. But I got on the Montague Expressway, and there were *three* accidents. First three cars on the shoulder, with a cop. Then three in the center, a little ways on, with the participants exchanging info and looking at damage. Then a further ways on, , a car on the shoulder with damage and another down the embankment, its flashers going. I would have probably been in the middle of it, if not for my boss. Thanks, Jeffery.

Everything has been saying "look sharp" this week, and it's a good thing, because I've narrowly avoided a lot of stuff. I notice another friend has had similar experience. Maybe it's something about everyone being back in the grind. Whatever it is, it's not great.

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