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I remember life before junk mail

This last weekend, I psyched myself up and got into the mail middens. I toted out about 50 lbs of junk mail, three grocery bags full. And while that got rid of the majority of the junk mail, this still left a couple unsorted middens, and a couple piles, one of various items like bank statements, notices from my insurance, dentist, etc., another of "things that need more attention" (mostly more loan/transfer/phone checks to destroy), and another of charity pleas that made it past the first cut.

The charity pleas seem to proliferate, and are the major part of the piles. It's pretty obvious they share mailing lists. I still have yet to figure out how I got on a bunch of Catholic lists, mostly for things like the relief of elderly nuns, etc. One of the places I draw lines is I give to America first. It's not that I don't think Doctors without Borders isn't a good cause. It's just that I put medical aid for kids on the Rez in New Mexico, who do without electricity or plumbing, ahead of it. And Environment California now debits my bank account every month. Gods know the environment needs all the help it can get, lately. Found a bunch of receipts for Native American relief charities, the Cancer Society, Second Harvest, that I didn't realize were in the piles, when I sorted it out. I always feel guilty throwing out the pleas, but there is only so much resource in this particular piggy bank.

Then I hit the packaging. I also feel guilty when I throw out things like padded mailing envelopes and other mixed media that can't be recycled. But what else can you do? A ton of former packaging went out with the recycles, too, mostly styrofoam and cardboard. It's things like this that bring home why I feel like I'm constantly fighting an avalache. I recall how much cleaner houses were before packaging and junk mail took over the world...

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