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Helluva week so far...

I will only give the high(low)light of this week, at this point. I reclaimed Hobbes from the Humane Society this morning. He disappeared on Monday night. It seems one of my neighbors, who recently lost their dog, decided it was time to clear out the cats that have now taken to loitering in their backyard. They claim it's because their 20-year-old cat has taken to spraying. Hobbes was the first one caught. At least they're trapping, rather than more extreme measures... But their comment is that I need to keep my cat inside. Sorry, but Ming and Hobbes have been indoor/outdoor via the cat door all their lives. But I'm going to try to block the door with him inside at night, because I don't want a repeat. (Truth be, it will also stop a repeat of the night Ming brought in the live rat and let it get loose in my bedroom at 3 am.)

But I was not happy to have a missing cat last night, then find this out, when I go knocking on doors (in case he got locked in a garage again, which happened once). And of course I fretted all night, since there was no way to reclaim him last night. I was there before they opened, this morning. We were both VERY relieved to see each other.

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