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When does one cease to care?

I had dinner last night with a friend who has been seriously ill for some time. He remarked that he feels his end is near, possibly in the next month or two, and he has ceased to care about things like the next president, the environment, etc.

Which started me wondering. Because if I were told I had a month to live, while it might shift my priorities (I sure wouldn't be working on tech manuals), I would still care about these issues, because they would affect the people around me long after I was gone. Why would you stop caring, just because you'd be dead when things happened, and wouldn't see them. (I could see possibly being relieved that you wouldn't have to deal with them, but that's different.) I think it was because he still cared that John Adams last words were "Jefferson still lives." (Of course, he didn't know that Jefferson didn't, having died earlier the same day.)

Of course, I still like to think that my late best friend is still mightily pissed, off in the hereafter, that she didn't get to see Return of the King.

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