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Hopefully, menopause will be over swiftly

I think I've started menopause. At least, I can't think of any other reason why I should suddenly be sweating for no reason. And the past week has been good for this. Not hot flashes, just warm and sweat like I've been working out. And when I was moving heavy furniture on Sunday, and it was warm, I was utterly drenched. Enough that I could wring water out of my clothes, and it kept dripping down into my eyes. I've never sweated like that, even in heavy workouts. I drank *gallons* of water. I hope I'm at least burning calories!

For someone who goes into heat exhaustion at the drop of a hat, I have some concern about this. A friend told me to talk to my doctor. Why? The only alternatives are something I wouldn't like any better, I'm sure. I just want this out of my system and over. The faster the better. I have no patience with bodily quirks and limitations. I plan to drink lots of water and keep my electrolytes up, and see about adding more soy to my diet.
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